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Sunday, 10 February 2013

'Dancing On The Edge', Episode 2

Ermintrude (TE7870) finally made her appearance and we all thought how smart she looked as she set off with the band to meet the Prince of Wales (later to be King Edward VIII, who abdicated and brother Bertie became King George VI - it's all in 'The King's Speech').

The scene had been shot a year earlier on 4th February 2012 and it was a bitterly cold day involving hours of sitting about trying to keep warm although the bus seemed to attract as much attention from the tourists as the filming did.

On return home, Ermintrude's engine was removed for a delayed complete strip-down and to have a set of new pistons fitted as it had begun to smoke a bit.

We took the opportunity to carry out a number of minor improvements and as a result Ermintrude behaved perfectly doing many weddings and other outings throughout the summer.  Her last event of 2012 was on 7th December when we helped to promote the '1928 House' in Aldeburgh.  This house and its contents had remained unchanged since it was built and it has now been very sympathetically restored by Best Of Suffolk Holiday Cottages.  Details on holiday lets are at ''.  There was a short film on Anglia TV - take a look at: